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At Rapid Skills our coaching is focussed on you, your needs, your demands and most importantly; your goals.

Whether you are with us for a course, trip or just a session we work hard to understand where you want to be and will work with you to support you on your route to glory.


Join us for:

White Water Kayaking, Open Canoeing, Paddle Boarding, Trips, Adventures,

Good times

Up Coming Courses:

Whitewater Kayak Leader Assessment - 17th/18th November 2018

Whitewater Kayak Leader Assessment - 24th/25th November 2018

3 Star Open Canoe 11th/12th December 2018

Whitewater Kayak Leader Training - 13th/14th December 2018

Whitewater Kayak Coach Training - 15th/16th December 2018

WWSR 15th/16th December 2018

3 Star Open Canoe - 17th/18th December 2018

3 Star Whitewater Kayak - 20th/21st December 2018



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