Discover the Wye

Disconnect from technology and re-connect with nature on our two day canoe expedition through the Wye Valley an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

No previous canoeing or camping experience needed!

  • Two days, tandem canoeing down the river Wye

  • One night, camping on the banks of the river Wye.

  • Fully guided, with highly experienced canoe coach.

  • Dinner on Saturday night and Breakfast Sunday morning included.

  • Maximum 4 people per trip.

Ross-on-Wye to Monmouth - 32km (20 miles)


Day one:

We will meet in Monmouth early on Saturday morning. Here you will get kitted out and sort the gear you are taking for the next two days into dry bags and barrels. We will then get on the minibus and be driven to Ross-on-Wye. At Ross-on-Wye we will run you through the basics of how to load your canoe, how to maneuver your canoe and a safety brief. We will then get on the water and paddle to our first camp site learning how to paddle our canoes efficiently and will also learn about the local wildlife and history that surrounds us. (14km).


We will arrive at the campsite where we will setup camp for night. You will then have time to enjoy the beautiful Wye Valley before having dinner. Unfortunately, you cannot bring alcohol to this campsite but there is a pub on site to sit down and enjoy the sunset whilst reminiscing about the day and listen to each other’s stories.


Day two:

The next day we will wake up and work together to pack up the campsite, cook breakfast and prepare lunches. We will then carry on our journey through the Wye Valley before reaching the famous Symonds Yat rapids where your guide will show you the safest way through. After the rapids it’s a short paddle to Monmouth where we will return our kit and be on our way home. (18km)

Canoeing the Wye - Rapid Skills

What’s included:

  • 16ft Canoe

  • Paddles

  • Buoyancy Aid

  • Helmets

  • Dry Barrels

  • Expert guide/coach

  • Transport to Ross-on-Wye from Monmouth canoes.

  • Dinner Saturday night, Breakfast Sunday morning.

  • Campsite fees

  • Shuttle to Ross-on-Wye


What’s not included:

  • Bar bills

  • Lunch and Snacks

  • Car Parking fees

  • Camping equipment (tent, sleeping bag, sleeping mat, pillow, bowl, mug, cutlery)

Wye choose us? 

The river Wye is close to all our guides hearts as its the river where we all learnt to paddle. We have years of experience paddling this river and have taken all this time to learn as much as possible about the river to be able to share it with you. As soon as your send us a request about booking on to this trip our team will begin arranging everything for you. All you have to do is sit back, prepare your kit and count down the days till the trip begins. You will be sent an in depth itinerary which will included all the meeting times and a kit list with our suggestions of what's best to bring. On the water your guide will teach you all you need to know about how to paddle your canoe efficiently and effectively. We keep the group numbers low so you get the most out of this experience.


(per person)