Freestyle Kayak Coaching

Introduction to Freestyle Kayaking

This is a 3 hour session that can be done at a venue of your choice either - Cardiff, Lee Valley, Nottingham HPP or Mile End Mill on the Dee.

*Price does not include courses fees

Course Dates and Locations:

On Request



Introduction to Hurley Weir

This is a 2 hour session where you head down to Hurley weir with one of our coaches and they will give you hints and tips on how to get on the wave and also be there to help with rescues and encourage you on to the wave. We will also give you coaching on how to improve your wave surfing technique and teach you some basic wave moves. 

Individual price £50 but book as a group of 4 £30 per person.

Course Dates and Locations:

On Request - Hurley Weir



Rapid Skills Introduction to Freestyle Kayaking Tour!

Brand New for 2019 is the Rapid Skills Introduction to Freestyle Kayaking Tour! The aim of this tour is to encourage more people into freestyle kayaking/down river play. The tour will stop off at 4 different venues across 4 months it will be a one day event with coaching sessions throughout the day. 



1st Session - Mile End Mill (Dee) - May 2019

2nd Session - Nottingham HPP - June 2019

3rd Session - Cardiff White Water Centre - July 2019

4th Session - Lee Valley - August 2019

Freestyle Competition - Cardiff or Lee Valley - September 2019

Session Costs:

2hr Mixed Adult Session - £25pp

2hr Women Only Session - £25pp

2hr Kids Session (10 to 16 years old) - £20pp (adult must be on site)

*above session prices do not include use of venue fees*

Freestyle Competition:

To end the tour in September we will hold a beginner freestyle competition/the opportunity for everyone get together and show off their tricks they have been practising and make new friends!


£5 Entry Fee to Competition 

Prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd

*price does not include use of venue fee*

Men's, Women's and Kids Competition Categories 

Something New is Coming 2020!