Open Canoe Development Week - North Wales

Course start date: 

Course finish date: 

Departure date: 

WWSR course:  (Optional extra at discounted rate)

3 Star Open Canoe training and assessment – 


Week break down:

Monday –           Open water day

Tuesday –          River day

Wednesday –    Open water day

Thursday –        River day

Friday –             River or Open water day

Saturday -         WWSR

Sunday –           WWSR


5 days of coaching and guiding in Open Canoes on rivers and open water in the stunning and sometimes challenging North Wales. During these 5 days we will start by working towards the British Canoeing 3 star open canoe award and then develop your open canoe skills above and beyond this. This 5 day long course is aimed at people who want more than just 2 days of coaching to achieve their 3 open canoe and give themselves some more time on the water to consolidate skills and learn more.


If you’re an avid canoer but don’t like the idea of doing British Canoeing awards don’t be put off this trip you can still join us and learn new skills just at the end of the week you don’t receive any certificates, you just go away happy with a fully detailed development plan and new skills learnt.


If you’re working towards your canoe leader award this trip works really well as the environments we will be working in are the same environments you’d be leading in during  your assessment. This trip can be used to consolidate skills and leadership techniques as well as give you an opportunity to practise your leadership skills with a live group in various conditions with a high level coach observing you to give you feedback at the of each day.

Skills Covered:

-        Moving water canoe skills

-        Open water canoe skills

-        Paddling in the wind

-        Tracking

-        Lining

-        Poling

-        Sailing (group and solo)

-        Safety and Rescue techniques

-        Leaderships techniques/group management

-        Navigation

-        Trip planning


Price includes:

- 6 nights’ accommodation in a rented house,
- 5 days of coaching and guiding,
- 3 star open canoe training and assessment,

- Photos and Video's from the trip

Price doesn't include:
- Transport to North Wales
- Food & Drink (food we will cook/make every meal as a big group and split the costs of the food across the whole group)
- Personal insurance
- Kit hire
- Certificate fee for 3 star white water kayak – BC member £12 – Non member £25


Don’t have your own canoe? In some cases, we can provide a canoe but please get in contact with us about this prior to booking on.

For those of you who also want to do your white water safety and rescue we can offer this as an extra two days with accommodation at a reduced cost:
- WWSR - £100

- One Nights extra accommodation - £30
- Certificate fee for WWSR – BC member £5 – Non member £10


Pay £150 deposit now and then pay remainder 1 month before trip start date or earlier.

 With Accommodation: £550

Without Accommodation: £450