Joshua Telling



Whitewater Kayak, Open Canoe, Freestyle Kayak, SUP

Current boats:

Zet Toro, Pyranha Jed, Mad River Explorer 14, McConks SUP

Paddle of choice:

Straight Shaft Werner Stikine

Favourite Piece of Kit:

Werner Paddles

Countries Paddled in:

England, Wales, Scotland, France, Zambia, Uganda, Chile, Nepal, Slovenia.

Big volume or steep creek:

Big Volume!

Favourite paddling spot:


Supported by:

Canoe and Kayak Store, Zet Kayaks, NRS, Silverstick, Surf Plugs, McConks

Josh's Experience:



Josh started paddling at the age of 10 years old and since then hasn’t stopped. He’s paddled around the world on every kind of whitewater, from high volume rivers like the Zambezi to tight steep creeks in Chile. At the age of 19 he passed his Advance Kayak Leader first time making him one of the youngest advanced leaders in the country.  Josh feels most at home paddling Big Volume rivers like the Karnali or the White Nile and he constantly strives to perfect his skills in this environment; if you’re looking for advice on how to nail your lines and improve your technique in this environment Josh has it covered!


Josh lived in Scotland for a short period of time but whilst he was up there, he made the most of it and paddled every chance he got. He got to learn the rivers very well and knows all the little local secrets like where to go when its rained, or where to go when it hasn’t (cough cough, which distillery to visit).


Josh recently planned and lead a month long kayaking expedition out in Nepal where he worked out all the logistics and guided his two friends down various rivers across the country from 1 day to 4 day long trips on grade 4/5 white water.



Josh got his love for canoeing when working for PGL on the Ardeche river over the course of 2 summer seasons, in his 1st year he started out as an instructor guiding small groups down the river. Having shown off his skills and potential he got put forward to go on to do PGL senior paddler development training, and at the age of 18 was the youngest person ever to attend this 6 month winter training program. After completing this Josh went back out for a 2nd season in the Ardeche as an Assistant River Leader; now he oversaw a team of 6 instructors while planning trips and making sure they were being run safely down the river. Whilst on the river he shared the responsibility with the river leader for looking after 60 clients and 6 instructors across 3 days.


“The Ardeche isn’t all about the white water its surprisingly a very windy river in sections.”


Since the Ardeche Josh has been on many more canoe trips and expeditions. At the age of 21 he passed his Advance Canoe Leader Assessment first time which he says was the “toughest/most rewarding assessment” he has ever completed. Every year he heads up to Scotland to do one big expedition whether that’s on open water or down a river. Every time he heads up every expedition location is different or if he’s been done it before he will do it again in different conditions or just drive around trying to find new rivers to paddle and challenge himself.


Tom Botterill



Whitewater kayak, Open Canoe, SUP

Current boats:

Zet Cross, Mad River Explorer 14, McConks SUP

Paddle of choice:

Bent Shaft Werner Odachi

Favourite Piece of Kit:

Water Shed Dry Bag

Countries Paddled in:

England, Wales, Scotland, Slovenia, Chile, Norway, New Zealand, India.

Big volume or steep creek:

Steep Creek

Favourite paddling spot:

Pucon - the town of paddlers surrounded by some of the best whitewater in the world

Supported by:

Canoe and Kayak Store, Zet Kayaks, Silverstick, Surf Plugs, McConks, Mammut



I thought passing my 5* before I was 21 was good but then Josh beat me. Each time I reflect how far I have come since I picked up a paddle I am proud of what I have achieved and how long I have avoided a 'proper job'.

Future Plans...

Planning a return to Chile in 2019 and dreaming of the Zam'. Also really stoked for a good UK season trying to venture to places and classics I haven't yet paddled.

Best things about paddling:

The brother/sisterhood you develop with your friends on the water, the internal pursuit of progression.

Best Boating Moment:

Living on the bank of the Upper Palguin for two weeks was totally stunning with daily evening laps.

Who inspired you:

The coaches that have shaped my paddling over the years and of course I grew up watching bomb flow and river roots so Evan Garcia, Anton Immler, Rush Sturges and Benny Marr.

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