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Paddle UK Leadership Assessments

Leadership awards we can assess:

  • Paddlesport Leader

  • Touring Leader

  • White Water Kayak Leader

  • White Water Canoe Leader

  • Open Water Canoe Leader

We’ve been doing these a while now, both personally and professionally. The recent re-jig from British Canoeing has allowed us to implement some extra elements we feel were previously missing. Mostly this is the weird relationship between the assessor and the assesse, rather than us tell you where to go, which river and what levels the choice really is yours. We are happy to travel and paddle any river, provided: it is in remit for the assessment, that its going to give you the opportunity to demonstrate the skills required and it is suitable for the group in question.

Similarly we have the opportunity to have a conversation with you initially to make sure you really understand what is required and talk through your current experience, and potentially, what you may need to address before the assessment.

Finally, because it is all about you, it means that if there isn’t the water levels we need in one location, if you are happy, we can easily move it to another location that has the water levels. We expect this to lead to much more relaxed, natural assessments creating positive outcomes and hopefully a far more enjoyable experience all round.

British Canoeing Leadership Assessments:

  • 1 day assessment

  • 1:1

  • £250 

Pre Assessment: All assessments are on request. At the point of booking we will have a chat via email, phone call or Zoom, the idea behind this is to arrange your assessment location and date as well as talk through your experience and both of our expectations. We will also ensure you have or know what you need from British Canoeing and have copies of their assessment criteria. If you feel or we feel that you need to go away and work on a few pieces after our initial chat, not to worry we will schedule your assessment for a later date.

We will arrange the students for you to lead during the day (3/4 students).  At least four days before your assessment we will have a zoom meeting (30 minutes) with the students you are going to be leading on the day so that you can gather information about them to help you decide where you think would be suitable to take them. At this point if you feel the original location for the assessment isn’t suitable due to the conditions we can change the location of the assessment provided everyone in the group is happy to travel to the new location or we can find other students to be lead.


Assessment day: we will all go paddling and have a great day on the water.

Post Assessment: Once we are off the water we will have a coffee and cake de-brief where we will give you feedback on the day and an action plan on areas that you can go away and work on.

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