SUP Safety

Stand up paddle boarding has rapidly grown this year with everyone having a staycation in the UK. With the increase in paddle boarding we want people to be safe on the water, so we did some research and found out no one is offering this style course and people are struggling to find the information out for themselves. To change this we have created this short course to give you all the most important safety tips. There are a surprising number of safety considerations that you need to think about before getting on the water with your paddle board and during this two hour course we will go through these four topics:

- Planning 

- Safety 

- Equipment

- Basic Paddling Technique

This course is only available to people who have their own paddle boards and is limited to 5 spaces per session. You will need to arrive 30mins before the sessions start time to inflate your board and get kitted up.

SUP Safety Syllabus

17th October 2020

9:30am till 11:30am

Location: Cotswold Water Park Hire, Lake 86

Own kit - £25pp 

Borrow kit - £40pp


To book on please click the button below which will send us an email. Please specify which Saturday you would like to attend within the email.